About us

About us

Redoubt Gaming is the lifelong dream of Neil Powell - a career soldier and then head teacher who retired to pursue his love of war gaming by running a small, friendly and accessible war gaming business.

At REDOUBT we have a number of clear objectives in an attempt to make this incredible hobby accessible to all, to introduce new devotees and to provide a wider service to several communities close to our heart.

1. Accessibility - Our web store aims to help wargamers in these difficult times to continue their hobby and not feel guilty about spending their hard earned cash on modelling. For that reason we aim to make sure that every product we sell online will be discounted at least 20% from the manufacturer's RRP.

What stock we don't have we will get in for you within 5 working days and still apply the same discounts.

Wargaming is a social and community activity. We are presently looking for premises to allow people to experience wargaming on professional made wargaming tables.

We also run painting master classes so that you can get your models to a standard that you are happy with.

Furthermore we plan to start the Waveney Wargaming Club in the very near future.

2. Veteran Support - As an ex-soldier and as detailed in the article at the head of this page I firmly believe in the power of wargaming in helping people deal with some of the stresses and strains that life can throw at us. At REDOUBT we are hoping to create A Community Interest Company to support all members of our armed forces and emergency services past and present. It is our intention to hold two coffee mornings a week (which we call NAAFI BREAK) where ex and serving servicemen and women can come and grab a brew, learn how to paint or play and spend time with other like-minded souls. But we also recognise the stress that other public service jobs place on us as individuals - so we welcome all members of the emergency services to join us at NAAFI BREAK. If you are interested in joining or helping or just engaging with this amazing hobby please look at the NAAFI BREAK page on this web site or use the contact form to get in touch with us.

3. School Support - As an ex head teacher I am acutely aware of some difficult truths. Kids today have got it tougher than at any time in the past and some kids have it even tougher than that. To that end we support kids who want to learn our hobby or who already pursue some form of wargaming activity rather than be bored at home or wandering the streets because nothing else is provided for you. If you are a teacher we are also experts in using modelling to help SEND students with their development. We provide a number of interventions to help and support children with an SEND - written and delivered by SEND professional teachers at the moment in your school. If you are interested in any of these activities please contact us using any of the methods detailed on our contact page.